The Little Big Box (8 Pack)


  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)
  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)
  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)
  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)
  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)
  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)
  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)
  • The Little Big Box (8 Pack)

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8 Containers for Only $19.99!

UPC 8804179110612

Popit! is a new brand of high quality airtight plastic containers designed to fit your needs. It is perfect for storing food and liquids, as well as other stuff around the house, office or workshop. It won't spill your liquids ever, and the freshness in those delicate ingredients such as fruits or vegetables will be greatly increased when stored inside Popit!, meaning you'll save money and won't throw away as much leftovers as you used to. Are you into geocaching? Use these to store your caches and guard them from the elements like rain or dust. Popit! containers are perfectly safe for storing food since they are 100% BPA free. This tupperware is a leader in terms of quality, durability and ease of use. They have clear brilliance due to its BPA Free material. It will always be you best ally in the kitchen to help as meal prep container or to store leftovers in its compartment. Stop treating every meal as disposable and use this freshware to keep it for longer, just heat it up since it's microwavable and reusable so your meals are ready to be served. You can also take them on the go and be sure they won't spill when you get takeout. Its different sized help with portion control so can choose which compartments are better for your needs. Take salad, soups, dressing, chicken, meatballs or whichever food. and forget about disposable items and help the environment with meal prepping. Popit! Also offers different sets of different sizes for lunch and almost any ocassion to fit your everyday needs, these containers are stackable into 2 stacks. Our Stackit set also has rectangle shaped containers so you can always store your leftover food and use it as snack later on.


Tired of buying plastic baggies or replacing flimsy plastic tupperware that wear out way too soon? Popit! Little Big Box reusable food containers are stronger than others on the market and an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. The BPA free, FDA approved plastic containers are safe to eat out of and last a long time even with regular use. You can freeze or microwave food (remove the lid to prevent damaging heat buildup) and pop them in the dishwasher to clean.

While many others claim they’re leakproof, they begin to leak the moment the container is moved or isn’t completely upright. Popit! containers have snap-lock plastic lids reinforced with a silicone seal to offer 100% spill and leak proof protection you can trust. This airtight seal reduces freezer burn and stops food from spoiling as quickly for less food waste and fresher, more flavorful meals or ingredients.

Store last night’s leftovers in the fridge, freeze ingredients or individual servings, store dry goods, or take a lunch or snack to go! They fit inside a kid’s lunchbox or your work bag and are perfect for fruits, veggies, meat, pasta, dips, soups, sauces, sandwiches and so much more!

This 16-piece set comes with 8 containers and 8 matching lids to meet all of your food storage needs. The clear containers easily allow you to see what’s inside and are nestable for compact storage in a kitchen cabinet or pantry.



HIGHER QUALITY: Popit! food containers are FDA approved and BPA / PVC free for food and consumer safety; they’re made of heavy duty polypropylene plastic to be extra durable and last longer than most

100% LEAKPROOF: A secure snap lock lid lends an air tight seal that keeps food fresher for longer and makes each container leak proof for liquids like soups and sauces even when you're on the move

MULTI USE: Use the microwavable containers for storing leftovers in the fridge, preserving dry goods in a kitchen cabinet or pantry, freezing meals, meal prepping or taking a lunch or snack to go

16 PIECE SET: Little Big Box food storage and organization sets offer a mix of 8 small, medium and large single compartment containers with 8 matching lids; the clear boxes are nestable and stackable

8 SIZES: This variety pack includes 3 oz (0.46 cups), 6 oz (0.84 cups), 9 oz (1.14 cups), 15 oz (1.9 cups), 19 oz (2.4 cups), 28 oz (3.5 cups), 37 oz (4.6 cups), and 47 oz (5.9 cups) size containers

Popit! containers keep your food fresh longer than traditional containers!

The airtight lids make them great for on-the-go, healthy meals.

100% Leak proof.

Perfect for optimizing your fridge space.

Popit! – Over 1,000,000 Containers Sold Online!

Popit! – Over 1,000,000 Containers Sold Online!

Containers Sizes:

  • 3oz (0.46 cups)
  • 6oz (0.84 cups)
  • 9oz (1.14 cups)
  • 15oz (1.9 cups)
  • 19oz (2.4 cups)
  • 28oz (3.5 cups)
  • 37oz (4.6 cups) 
  • 47oz (5.9 cups)

Product Features:

  • Airtight Sealed
  • Premium Quality Plastic Containers 
  • Sturdy Design | Reliable
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • BPA Free 
  • Microwave, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe

Keep Your Family Happy With Popit!

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